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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the advantages of retiring in Baja California?

Answer: Mexico is the number one location to retire abroad by U.S. citizens. This is due to the much more affordable cost of living. Baja also has the advantage of being adjacent to California.  It's an easy 2 hour drive to the border.  

Question:  Who stands to benefit the most by retiring in Baja?

Answer:  Baby Boomers.  80 million of them are now getting older and thinking more clearly about retirement. Many of these Baby Boomers will be attracted to how far their retirement dollars will go south of the border. As the bulk of the boomers retire, it is predicted they will drive real estate prices higher due to overwhelming demand.  Five million Baby-Boomers turn 50 each year and will continue for a decade.

Question:  How would you rate the geographic location of Baja/San Felipe?

Answer: San Felipe, a short two-hour drive south of the California-US border, enjoys sunshine 330 days a year.  The mild climate, combined with miles of protected, pristine beaches nestled along the Sea of Cortez, makes San Felipe a very attractive retirement/recreation location. San Felipe is also an easy drive for 46 million people looking for peace and quiet. The area offers a myriad of recreational opportunities such as sport fishing, boating, skiing, camping and just plain relaxing.

Question: Is industry and business showing an interest in Baja?

Answer:  Yes, major Fortune 500 companies such as Citicorp, Microsoft, Nortel, U.S. Sprint, and Telscape are investing billions of dollars in Mexico. Latin America is the fastest growing market in our global economy. Mexicali boasts many major US corporations such as Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Starbucks, Kenworth, Skil/Bosch, Office Depot and many more!

Question: How does San Felipe compare with other locations such as Cabo San Lucas?

Answer: Many people prefer San Felipe due to the close proximity to California and Arizona. The easy two-hour drive south of the border makes it the ideal location for a new destination resort site.

Question:  I have heard of a phenomenon called the “Fifth Migration” that is having a tremendous influence on property values. What is it and what impact is it having?

Answer: Yes, this is true.  The Fifth Migration is having a tremendous impact on properties that are located away from traditional metropolitan areas. People are tired of the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities. They are tired of too much crime, congestion, and pollution but most of all, they are tired of too many people! Due to advances in telecommunications, fiber optics, and the Internet, people don’t have to live in the city or suburbs to work anymore. With a computer and a phone line, a person can live on the beach and do business in Southern California or Silicon Valley. This phenomenon is revolutionizing the corporate world and fueling real estate booms in areas that were once regarded as vacation property exclusively.

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